Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For all of those that have wondered where I've been...

For everyone that's been wondering where I have been and why I'm not posting here's the explanation.

I went to Canada before school started.

It was fabulous and I think I may need to move there permanently.

And then school started....

I'm currently working on my honors thesis and am very busy,
I've decided to set up a separate blog for honors related business.

If you care to have a look it's


So, Is it weird that every time I go to the dentist all I can think about is what kind of tools do they have and what do they do with the old ones?
I wonder if they would miss that one with the shiny pointy end?

Toxic Mushrooms.

I saw these growing in my yard a while back.
Funny but I don't remember having ever seen these before but I may need to incorporate some sort of toxic mushrooms into my work somewhere.