Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So far I've been able to read my new issues of both Wired and Good Magazine. I am really impressed with Wired, especially this issue on new products, food production and green energy, and all the cool gadgets discussed (even if Wired condemns blogger as Old Skool to Twitter)
You should check it out, it's a great deal less than most of the mags I subscribe to, it's only 10 bucks for 12 issues. Can't beat it.
If not check out the website. The how to google smarter/ ie wiki article is interesting and social designers should read about hydro-energy in the article below. I believe Jan brought up hydrokinetic generators in class.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harnessing The Power of The Sun

Ok, so I've decided that Solar Paint is not happening. I also have come to the conclusion that despite attempts at reassembling calculator parts, alas they are never going to go back to a functioning state. I am not an engineer. Destruction I can do. Rebuilding not so much.
I have purchased some phosphorescent paint in acrylic and latex for automobiles. I also found this ridiculous and convenient site to order every kind of flashing LED known to man. Don't laugh, they have a red to green LED. Virtually impossible to find!
They should be here in time to light up my solar, wind and hydrogen power symbols. I hope.

Bee Hives = Good

These = BAD.
That is all.

Progress For Jewelry III

I am almost finished filing my die to perfection. I will take it through a trial run today and see if I need another layer.

My Hinge prior to soldering. In this picture you can see my attempt at lining up the knuckles on a steel pin and making sure they are straight.

The Search for Solar Power

Step One: Destroy a calculator.
Step Two: Arrive at the fact that even though you now have a solar panel, you have no knowledge of how to wire it to a LED, if it has enough power to light said LED or the ability to actually do so.
Step Three: Beat with Hammer.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Interesting 2nd Life/Maple Story News

Everyone on Second Life should check this out. It gave me a laugh.

Online divorcee jailed after killing virtual hubby:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Never Blog When Angry

Apparently every other person on the planet is sick today.
I just spent 3 and a half hours waiting for one prescription. This is after having spent 60 bucks for a doctor to tell me I'm sick. I had to wait an hour for that ingenious diagnosis.
So, long story short all I have accomplished today is:
a. I found a one dollar calculator to dissect.
b. I purchased some phosphorescent paint as back-up. (which is technically solar powered)
c. Picked up the book: How to Make Almost Everything at the library.
d. Lost all faith in the health care system.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Solar Powered Toothbrush

I came across some solar powered toothbrushes in my investigation of solar energy. I'm hoping that small scale solar panels are within my reach for my project.

This was one version found at Gizmodo.
This site appears to be a site for gadgets and cool items.
They have everything from WiFi detecting sneakers to video eye wear.

I'm a little concerned about how lazy one has to be to have some of the items I came across. I mean really, if you're going to make a solar powered item, why would you make a toothbrush? The movement of your hand up and down on your teeth is just too taxing? Sigh.

Mutter Museum

I absolutely must go to the Mutter Museum in Philly.
It sounds like a place I need to see.

Their treasures include:
-The plaster cast of the torso of world-famous Siamese Twins, Chang & Eng, and their conjoined livers
-Joseph Hyrtl's collection of skulls
- Collection of 2,000 objects extracted from people's throats
- Cancerous growth removed from President Grover Cleveland
- Preserved body of the "Soap Lady"

"Opening on October 27, 2008, The Devouring Element: Lead’s Impact on Health examines changing notions of the utility and danger of lead and human health from classical times until the present."

Let me know if you would care to join me on a jaunt to see revolting scientific marvels!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Invention Nation on SCI Channel

For my Design and Social Entrepreneurship class I am working with the idea of creating wearable objects promoting clean energy.

In my ramblings throughout different media I uncovered a great episode of
Invention Nation,
a television show on the Science Channel,
where the guys ride around in search of great innovative design:
all from a van that runs on used cooking oil.

The episode explains a lot about the making and use of biodiesel.
There is also a video online about solar panels and how to make them.
Hopefully, I can find someone with internet that I can watch them on.
Just an FYI Satellite Internet is TERRIBLE.

Image from:

Top Design on Bravo

If you haven't become addicted to Top Design then you must start watching it on Bravo!

Here are some examples of the latest challenge.
Room design for the future.
Everything from space-age to floating pods.

Some were successful.
Some had silly fans on the walls.
Some were whimsical.
Some were a little frightening.

Although I do have to say Eddie won quote of the day on this episode...
In summary he said that his creation was the Golden Clone.
but that ' no offense, but sometimes two good looking people end up with totally busted kids'
Truth. Too bad your design is a little busted as well.

Modern? If you say so.
I was unaware IKEA+pink+safari=next millennium.
I'll be sure to get my Range Rover ready for hunting big game. There's nothing like the ecologically friendly future of slaughtering lions, tigers and zebra for decoration.

Is science better than art at TU?

I ask, is the science department any more worthy than the art department?
Why is it that after semesters of 'green' projects, recycling, upcycling and social design I see this forward thinking trash can over in Smith?

I want to say this was called an octocycle: it has a little hatch on top for cans and is made of a corrugated material. I can't see to find them online but I do remember the side saying it was new/in development. I'll let everyone know once I track down the source.
We should have these!!!

Gorilla Tactics at Bob Evans?

I thought this was really fun.
It reminded me of the gorilla tactics of our social design project. Even though the restaurant obviously produced these stickers I believe someone should make them and post them every where.

This sticker on bathroom mirrors tells customers that they should be washing their hands for 20 seconds and that is equivalent to one whole verse of 'Old MacDonald'.
So everyone, the next time I'm in the restroom I want to hear everyone humming a little eieio!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bibliography for Social Design Project 2

Bibliography for Social Design Project 2
(Solar powered teeth cleaning utensils)

"Carbon's New Math" Bill McKibben. National Geographic Magazine. October 2007. 33-37
(article on how to deal with global warming)

"Green Dreams" Joel K. Bourne Jr. National Geographic Magazine. October 2007. 38-57
(article on biodiesel and alt. fuels.)
(article on solar energy and so much more. Great Site!)
(National Wildlife Federation)
...and what they support for energy options.
(US Dept. of Energy)
...and the downside to hydrogen technology at present :(
(Leonardo and global warming, link to An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore)
(Link to NASA Scientist Dr. James Hansen's writing on connecting the scientific dots.)
(Joint collaboration of BP and Rio Tinto)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last Day of Grinding Fun :(

Friday was the last day of our internship with Ken and Julie Girardini.
I am sad.

We finished our clocks though and I'm happy they are all done!

Ken gave us a demo on making jury shots.
Here are two that we worked on.
Hopefully I can work with them again, perhaps at ACC.
The experience was so wonderful, I'm going to miss them!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Project Runway

It's down to the finale people. I think we all know who we want to win and who we hope has a serious wardrobe malfunction. Frankly, I hope her head blows up and takes her little retro dresses with her.

Check out the reunion show ProjectRungay has made up. It's Fabilicious.

(Being sick isn't to bad when there's bitchiness abound to entertain me!)

After Action Review for Social Design Issue One

After Action Review for Social Design Issue One

Sustains What did you do well? Which actions and strategies led to success that
you will continue to use?
I was very pleased with the results of Gocco'ing the coasters. I want to investigate a double or triple process with this. I also likes the guerrilla fun of the parking space.

Improves Which things did not work so well? These are areas to improve.
I would like to have been able to place the parking space in a bar/restaurant location but that was unlikely to happen without a slew of issues.

What Ifs How could the project been more successful?
Had I had more time I would have re-designed the coasters to have the black and yellow background. I would also have placed the parking space in a public parking lot and ran away.

I am currently talking to a dispatcher at a semi-local taxi cab company about sponsoring my coasters with their information on the backside. They are based out of Balt. County and seem really all for my project. Hopefully there will be more to come on that!

Sundance Channel Makes Me Happy

So, I figured out how to make my blog come back after playing around while home sick. I'm very pleased because I was quite close to a nervous breakdown over it being awol.
While home lazing about and feeling terrible I got a chance to watch some Sundance channel.
I think everyone should check out the new show Iconoclasts as it has some episodes relevant to our social design class. I was hesitant to watch at first because I'm not a huge Tommy Hilfiger fan and he created the series. The first episode I watched was Quentin Tarantino and Fiona Apple. While Tarantino is fun to watch Fiona had a despondent look of boredom the whole episode.
In relation to social design, I watched an episode on Isabella Rossellini, actress/model known for the film Blue Velvet (which everyone should see) and Dean Kamen. (Dean is the inventor/entrepreneur that created the Segway and ibot) Dean Kamen is the man. His house is built around a giant engine, it's powered by a wind turbine, his machine shop in his house is something to behold and finally he got Isabella Rossellini on a Segway. He has 2 helicopters and his own private jet, all because of a redesign he created in high school. The guy is amazing. Check it out!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Coasters in Action

Here are the pictures of my installation for social design.
I finally had a chance to take them out to a bar/restaurant and put them into place. The first bar said no way and sent me packing.

I apologize for the grainy pics but the owner wasn't too thrilled with flash photography during happy hour.
He did however allow me to place them on the bar and even let his bartenders serve drinks on them.

I was surprised at the reactions however, a lot of people thought they were funny.

I guess the people smiling and laughing weren't driving home shitaki'd.

After a while most of the people in the bar had one under their beverage. Unfortunately many didn't even notice or if they did they didn't care.

Bibliography for Vessel Project.

References for Vessel Project:

Subject Matter:

Vessels and Containers:

The Metalsmiths Book of Boxes and Lockets. Tim McCreight. Hand Books Press, 1999.

Miscellaneous Research:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NYC cont. Moma and more.

Moma Design Store

The store had some items I recognized and some that I thought were a little bizarre. Here's a Tord Boonte lamp.

This was the front of MOMA.

Ont he way to the bus station;

Taking in a little architecture.

Window shopping.

With only 30 mins until departure:
we decided when one is on 5th Ave one should go into Saks.

Here's Megan looking adorable. I'm sure this hat probably cost too much for my budget but it was cute.

Now what in the holy hell is this?
Going for tea with Queen Elizabeth perhaps?
I look like the mad hatter.

This is way more snazzy.
Sunglasses and ski hats are goin g to be all the rage, just wait.

NYC cont. Felissimo

After lunch Megan and I went back uptown to go to Felissimo gallery.

Felissimo had a wide array of products and innovative design from Japan.

I was surprised to see my fav pens that I pay 4 bucks a pop for were there and thus a Japanese design.

Here's the smallest mobile garden.
Everything in the 5 or 6 floors was really cute and fun.
I think most of Japan must be way more fun than Americans.

A giant ball of Hello Kitty fun.

Snazzy silverware. Funny but I don't remember seeing any cool chopsticks though. My personal pair at home is Hello Kitty. Everyone loves Hello Kitty.

I think it's a light. I'm not sure how I feel about this one ladies and gents. Looks like a glowing...well never mind about that. I don't think I like it.

Moving on to Union Square...

Moving back up-town:

Union Square:
Farmers Market

National debt counter on the side of this building was interesting.
The design was actually very visually pleasing in a we're screwed kind of way.

We had a minute to look at shoes while waiting for a table.

I loved these boots.
The graffiti graphics are fab.


More Yummy.

We ate at Max Brenner. Everything there involves chocolate, even my spinach and goat cheese omelet.
Anywhere that has a vat of chocolate is good for me.

I love NY, they even have great design on their candy.