Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DesignVend/ Social SnACTS.

DesignVend: Social SnACTS at TU Center for the Arts

The final collaborative efforts of the Social Design and Entrepreneurship class.

Jenn and I sold our Trash Bling.
Amazingly I don't think any of us fell that were rollerskating.
I'm not sure about the ones that were just walking. I'll get back to you.

Rollerskates+70 Vending Machine=Pigtails Required.

I had my DWI Awareness coasters for sale.

The Trash Bling.

<-It's for socially aware rockstars like us.

Jaque making rollerskates for her sneaks since she couldn't rollerskate around with us, we love you Jaque!
Staples+Cardboard Wheels=Dedication.

Soup Time.

Social Design Project Two Photos

My final pins for social design project two.
This is the Power on/off flashing pin.
It flashes red and green.

This is a photograph of my pro-Hydrogen Pin.
It lights up green.

Vessel Project

Vessel Project:
Final Locket/Vessel.

While the hinge isn't perfect I'm certain that with a sterling version with a flange it should be much better.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank You Note - Similiar Light

This is the piece I passed in Philly and thought of Taylor's Thank You trees.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trash Bling Casting and Burning Plastics!

Today Jenn and I cast more trash into gem stones with PVA and Envirotec resin. We added orange peel and wrappers from soda bottles and granola bars to our collection.

We also melted some delightful plastics in a small, poorly ventilated room! Who needs brain cells anyway. Overrated.
I did use rubber gloves if that counts for anything.
I will say that my favorite thus far is the shrunken Ramen wrappers. Now we are focusing on sterling and resin prong settings.

Researching Early 20th Century Jewelry

So research can be fun.
I was looking in the giant stash of grandma's ol' lady jewelry that my mom was compelled to keep for some giant bling rings that I could use for social design.
There was some interesting finds. And yes, I got my mom to do the rock star pose in the spirit of the moment.
Little does she know this is now on the internet.

Apparently 50's-80's designers really didn't look at the overall picture before putting something in mass production.
I'm not going to say what I believe this to resemble but I think you get the picture.

Sarah Coventry apparently outfitted Count Dracula.

And for future reference a pack of three hair nets were 39 cents back in the day.
What in the world do you need a hair net for anyway?

Droog list for Social Design

List of trash to cast:

Paper, Tissue/Brown Bag/Paper Towel
Coffee Grounds
Coffee Filters
Tea Bags
Gum Wrappers
Food Wrappers
Newspaper Bags

Strawberry Tops
Banana Peels
Orange Rinds

Monday, December 1, 2008

Garbage to Bling

The garbage bling inspiration piece and original wax maquette.

The die made to compress trash into the 'bling form'

Jenn being meticulous in measuring for prong settings.

The first test casting of trash bling with pva and plastic.

Friday, November 28, 2008

After Action Review for Locket/Vessel Project

After Action Review for Locket/Vessel Project.

What did you do well? Which actions and strategies led to success that you will continue to use?

My die was much better than the first project and everything worked out until the hinge location. The internal framing and overall locket was what I had wanted.

Which things did not work so well? These are areas to improve.

I would have liked more time, I wanted to make a copper maquette and then make the final in sterling but I ran out of time. I also didn't consider the location of the hinge relative to the design, on paper it worked fine opening on the side but in actuality the 'veins' overlapped. I had to move the hinge lower and thus had to make a smaller hinge without a flange because I had already cut the framing pieces. I'm also still not entirely sure why i couldn't replicate my volume on the original test pressing. I would have liked to have my texture but the piece looks complete without it as well.

What Ifs How could the project been more successful?
What are the best incarnations of the project?

I think the hinge and actual piece itself was well made. I would have liked to add a clasp and clasp for the chain. I think if I were to make a sterling version I would just need to leave a small flange for the hinge and it would improve the piece ten fold. I would in retrospect not spend an eternity sanding my metal prior to pressing because each step of the way it would just get scratched again. I spent way to much time finishing and filing only to have to go back and repair portions later.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Mutter Museum

First stop on my trip to Philly was the Mutter, a museum for medical science memorabilia and instructional models and specimens. If you can handle seeing a giant colon and bashed in baby heads you should check it out.

I enjoyed the thousand and one things extracted from throats. My favorite being a pin with "Perfect Attendance" on it. You can make 'em go to school but you can't make 'em smart.

I found some images from the museum.
These are from the new exhibit on lead.

Lead casting implements.

Lead stamps

Lead signet rings.

And this is just one of many creepy was models.

There is also a room full of organ pieces in formaldehyde, tres cool.
I do have to say that the room full of fetuses in glass jars did make me lose my appetite but you just can't stop looking at them.
I recommend going if you can handle this sort of thing.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I saw these in Philly this past weekend while I was up there for the craft show and thought they would have been appropriate for my b-day. Instead there was a blazing inferno that almost set my hair on fire. Thanks Mom.

And in other news:
In the great debate over Geno's
vs. Pat's I vote Pat's for the
best cheese steak in Philly.

Biology Can Be Fun

...but only when dead things are involved.

This is a fetal pig, bat, frog and crayfish. Or was.

After Action Review for Social Design Project 2

After Action Review for Social Design Project 2

Sustains What did you do well? Which actions and strategies led to success that
you will continue to use?

I spent a lot of time researching my chosen topic of clean energy including hydrogen, wind and solar power. I also believe the finished product was well executed.

Improves Which things did not work so well? These are areas to improve.
Evaluate strategies and approaches that you used either consciously or unconsciously.

I would have liked to spend more time on the actual making of the pins as well as prototyping. My designs worked in theory but some translated poorly to the 3d object. I would also have revised the scale of the pieces had I been able to receive the LED lights sooner to know their actual size.

What Ifs How could the project been more successful?
What are the best incarnations of the project?

I really wish I could have acquired some solar paint to experiment with. I think the power button was the best graphically however the hydrogen pin was the best fabrication. I would also have liked to take photographs of the pieces on the body. The pin/button format worked well in my opinion as a method to promote clean energy and bring awareness of alternative energy choices; I just think that the actually symbol needs refining so it's more obvious to the viewer.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ring Designs That Inspire

Some pictures of interesting rings and fun ideas.
They are "cute" without making me want to kill myself.

These are images of rings off of the website:

For all you single ladies out there...

Honestly, this is my favorite.
Maybe deep down Sherri is a minimalist after all.
Just don't give me any of that paint splatter crap.

I thought the Braille rings were fun.

While I hate giant gemstones I like the wire usage.

I like the design, hate the texture.
But then again we've established that all of my work is "clean".
In fact, if I hear the word clean used again in crit I may have to go postal. I'm concerned that that is the only thing people have to say as a compliment on my work. Clean. grr.

History of Ring Design Research

Here for your viewing pleasure is a compilation of different rings and their uses through out history. The next project will be to make an experimental ring using unorthodox design and application. The first step is to identify both ancient and current ring design.

Roman ring circa 1st-3rd century AD


Roman Rings
" Small stones with engraved designs and sometimes inscriptions were used widely in the ancient world. At times used for personal decoration, they were also used as amulets, or as seals."


Roman pierced gold ring.

Hinged ring, 2nd–1st century B.C.; Hellenistic
Gold with garnet


The Claddagh Celtic ring.
This ring has many origins and folklore stories associated with it. This site list all of them if you care to know. The Claddagh has been a traditional Irish wedding band since approximately the 17th century and also has connotations attributed to it depending on how the wearing orients the ring.

And of course everyone knows about the current trend of engagement rings and wedding bands.
Many wedding bands now are being inscribed and decorative in nature but the classic use of a set diamond in the engagement ring still stands as the most prominent design.

The Marquis diamond setting.

The fabulous trend of Mood Rings from the delightful 1970's.

Contemporary work from Phil Carrizzi.

Works by Salima Thakker

Organic ring design by Lori Swartz

A Rapid-prototyped ring. Rapid prototyping or laser printing now allows for models to be made for casting or conceptual work to be made in 3d.