Friday, May 23, 2008

More ICFF fun

Studio Tord Bootje: Artecnica

Artecnica includes:
Design with Conscience
Come Rain Come Shine
Icarus Lights


MFA Designer as author 2008 Chair Project




Serial Killer

Sunday, May 18, 2008

ICFF in NY was amazing!

ICFF show in New York this weekend was great.
This was definitely worth the trip right before finals!

Stained glass dogs = fun.

Panelite wall system, making beams unnecessary.

I would try to describe some of these items more but you just have to see it!

They are made of cast polymer in a honeycomb design.
It's comprised of 80% recycled PET.

Rocking out on portable, durable paper furniture.
It folds out from a book sized piece into chairs, tables and walls.
Check it out:

The Materials Connection booth had all types of alternative materials on display.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Checking the weekly list o'fab

I was checking the Jan list of the week:
Klimt 02 caught my attention for about an hour so i figured it was blog-worthy.

These are by Susan Pietzsch

Sugar Jewelry!
I just want to bite off the robot's heads.

I was always the kid with the decapitated Easter bunnies in their basket.

Not sure on the What does it do? but I know the What is it? is sand, silver, seaweed and glass.
It's listed at 900 euro and is 9 x 5 x 5
This is by Estela Saez. It's interesting but I really want to know the location you wear it or if you wear it at all.

This is by Joan Parcher.

I like the "hey, I found these washers in a coffee can in a garage, enameled them and put them on a bracelet" look.
Maybe I should raid my own garage more often.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Paper casting, trial and mostly error.

I've learned that paper
casting doesn't work exactly
like I thought it would.

Fimo molds worked the best so far.
Unfortunately, I need a much higher relief design.

I do really enjoy blending the #&*@ out of the paper.
My dog freaks out when I turn the blender on.

I also found you can't cast paper onto paper without the whole thing being a big wet mess.

My seeds are cool though.
They just won't stay in the paper!

= disaster

oh, and glue + dirt = blobby mess.