Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DesignVend/ Social SnACTS.

DesignVend: Social SnACTS at TU Center for the Arts

The final collaborative efforts of the Social Design and Entrepreneurship class.

Jenn and I sold our Trash Bling.
Amazingly I don't think any of us fell that were rollerskating.
I'm not sure about the ones that were just walking. I'll get back to you.

Rollerskates+70 Vending Machine=Pigtails Required.

I had my DWI Awareness coasters for sale.

The Trash Bling.

<-It's for socially aware rockstars like us.

Jaque making rollerskates for her sneaks since she couldn't rollerskate around with us, we love you Jaque!
Staples+Cardboard Wheels=Dedication.

Soup Time.

Social Design Project Two Photos

My final pins for social design project two.
This is the Power on/off flashing pin.
It flashes red and green.

This is a photograph of my pro-Hydrogen Pin.
It lights up green.

Vessel Project

Vessel Project:
Final Locket/Vessel.

While the hinge isn't perfect I'm certain that with a sterling version with a flange it should be much better.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thank You Note - Similiar Light

This is the piece I passed in Philly and thought of Taylor's Thank You trees.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trash Bling Casting and Burning Plastics!

Today Jenn and I cast more trash into gem stones with PVA and Envirotec resin. We added orange peel and wrappers from soda bottles and granola bars to our collection.

We also melted some delightful plastics in a small, poorly ventilated room! Who needs brain cells anyway. Overrated.
I did use rubber gloves if that counts for anything.
I will say that my favorite thus far is the shrunken Ramen wrappers. Now we are focusing on sterling and resin prong settings.

Researching Early 20th Century Jewelry

So research can be fun.
I was looking in the giant stash of grandma's ol' lady jewelry that my mom was compelled to keep for some giant bling rings that I could use for social design.
There was some interesting finds. And yes, I got my mom to do the rock star pose in the spirit of the moment.
Little does she know this is now on the internet.

Apparently 50's-80's designers really didn't look at the overall picture before putting something in mass production.
I'm not going to say what I believe this to resemble but I think you get the picture.

Sarah Coventry apparently outfitted Count Dracula.

And for future reference a pack of three hair nets were 39 cents back in the day.
What in the world do you need a hair net for anyway?

Droog list for Social Design

List of trash to cast:

Paper, Tissue/Brown Bag/Paper Towel
Coffee Grounds
Coffee Filters
Tea Bags
Gum Wrappers
Food Wrappers
Newspaper Bags

Strawberry Tops
Banana Peels
Orange Rinds

Monday, December 1, 2008

Garbage to Bling

The garbage bling inspiration piece and original wax maquette.

The die made to compress trash into the 'bling form'

Jenn being meticulous in measuring for prong settings.

The first test casting of trash bling with pva and plastic.